Don't know where to start on JoJo Scanlon's portfolio? Just feel plain intimidated? Looking for a specific kind of project? The Highlights section is a great place to start! See below for a list of different projects ranging in length, production value, and medium.
Click on the name of a project below to see the full page, or find it under the Portfolio tab.
"Community The Movie" - A spec-script for a possible Film adaptation to Dan Harmon's six-season NBC series "Community" which ran from 2009 to 2015. Script is approximately 80 pages long. [meant for mature audiences; viewer discretion advised]
"Take Initiative" - A project for Screenwriting: Writing the Short Film (Columbia College Chicago), "Take Initiative" follows the story of a Dungeons and Dragons session that goes awry after a new member joins. The script is approximately 10 pages long.
"Angus and Nico" - A short film about a girl struggling to deal with the realization that her life is actually a sit-com. "Angus and Nico" is a project for Directing II (Columbia College Chicago) and was filmed on-set at Columbia College Chicago's Media Production Center.
"Cosmic Debris" - A short film shot over Zoom, "Cosmic Debris" tells the story of a proposal that's interrupted when a shady figure that closely resembles the groom appears in the distance. Actors were filmed over Zoom while the backgrounds were recorded afterwards.
"The Challenged Actor" - A short film about a friend ruining his school's play. I play the role of the Fair Maiden and was told to act overly dramatic. I loved this role because I couldn't stop laughing after having to keep a straight face every take.
"Final Lap" - A short film I wrote/directed about two roommates arguing over a traffic ticket. The Film was originally supposed to be shot on set, but was quickly shelved after the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns in Chicago. I ended up playing both parts, and I love the stop-motion effect that was employed; it ends up giving the voiceovers a lot more depth.
"The Art Cast" - A podcast I hosted during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns in Chicago, "The Art Cast" is a brief five-episode podcast where I interview different artists about their favorite artists and art-forms.
"Boys Night" - A podcast I host with high-school best friend Justin Sandberg, "Boys Night" is a bi-weekly comedy show focused on the friendship Justin and I share. The show is a spin off of "The Art Cast" and continues from the last episode, where Justin and I talked about a web-series we worked on together (RonaldoBasedGod).
All of the graphic design on the site is done by myself! A full showcase of all the thumbnails can be seen in the Portfolio tab.
"Fake Album Art" - A collection of "fake" album covers I've designed as a way to practice working with Adobe Photoshop along with developing creative brainstorming and aesthetic curation skills.
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