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JoJo Scanlon is an Award-Winning Writer/Director based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2022 and received his BA in Filmmaking cum laude with a focus on Writing and Directing.JoJo’s Filmmaking journey started in Middle School when he was introduced to the world of making films at a summer camp at his local library. He discovered that writing and editing came very naturally to him and decided he wanted to become a Filmmaker when he grew up. In High School, JoJo produced a live action web-series on YouTube with his friends that helped him learn more about the craft of Filmmaking.JoJo attended Columbia College Chicago from 2018-2022. During his time at Columbia, JoJo created a number of projects including short films, scripts, podcasts, and a commercial campaign. JoJo also spent a semester in Los Angeles, California, where he worked for Starburns Industries INC as a Development Intern.After graduating in May of 2022, JoJo moved back to his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, to independently produce a proof-of-concept pilot for an animated adult-comedy series that JoJo created while living in LA called "BRUTUS".Since wrapping production in May of 2023, "BRUTUS" has won Best Animation from the Vegas Movie Awards, South Carolina Underground Film Festival, and Atlanta Comedy Film Festival."BRUTUS" has also received an Outstanding Technical Achievement in Animation award from the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. At the C-47 Film Festival, "BRUTUS" was presented with an award for Best TV Pilot and Kim Spurgeon, the Director of the Nevada Film Board, presented JoJo with the Nevada Filmmaker Award."BRUTUS" has received Official Selection from the Another Hole in The Head Film Festival, the Dam Short Film Festival, and the DaVinci International Film Festival.In 2024, JoJo was invited back to Columbia College Chicago as a guest speaker to talk with current students about his success with "BRUTUS" after graduating.JoJo's other projects have screened at Festivals in India, Italy, and the United States and have won awards like the Lisa Buscani Award from the Neo Futurist Theater and Top 25 Most-Voted Podcast in the MyRodeCast Competition.Through his work, JoJo aims to inspire creativity and remind viewers that-- no matter how tough it gets-- there will always be better days ahead.

Rendering of JoJo Scanlon circa 2018 by artist Worthikids

Rendering of JoJo Scanlon circa 2018 by artist Worthikids


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Brutus Poster

"BRUTUS" - 2024 🏆

In this animated adult comedy set in suburban Las Vegas, a super-shy seven-foot-tall gorilla is thrust out of his comfort zone after he's dragged to a High School house party against his will.

Boys Night Poster

"BOYS NIGHT" - 2021 🏆

In this podcast, High School best friends JoJo Scanlon and Justin Sandberg document their long-distance reconnection during the COVID-19 pandemic and JoJo's subsequent move back to their hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Take Initiative Poster

"Take Initiative" - 2021

In this short script, a group of friends get together to play Dungeons & Dragons but struggle to help their newest member understand the logic (or lack thereof) of the game.

I Think You Should Leave Poster

"I Think You Should Leave: He Likes To Listens To Steely Dan" - 2021

In this TV-length spec script based on the sketch comedy series "I Think You Should Leave" by Tim Robinson, Tim and his guests spend each segment driving someone to the point of needing -- or desperately wanting -- to leave.

Cosmic Debris Poster

"Cosmic Debris" - 2021

In this short film, a proposal goes awry when the couple get into an argument about a shady figure watching them from afar that looks an awful lot like the groom-to-be.

Angus And Nico Poster

"Angus And Nico" - 2020

In this short film, the sharing of a recent tattoo quickly becomes a heated debate about whether or not two roommates exist inside a Sit-Com.

Community Poster

"Community: Contemporary Anthropology" - 2020

In this feature-length spec script based on the sitcom series "Community" by Dan Harmon, the Spanish Study Group goes on an international quest to rescue Troy from the hands of two oil-rig livin' pirates who are holding him captive following an expedition Troy took with LeVarr Burton that went sour.

The Art Cast Poster

"The Art Cast" - 2020

In this podcast, host JoJo Scanlon virtually interviews his artist friends during the COVID-19 Pandemic about what kind of art they're making and what kind of art they're consuming.


"FINAL LAP" - 2020 🏆

In this stop-motion short film, a fight between two roommates breaks out over who should pay a speeding ticket over a friendly game of Mario Kart.

No More Boring Sneakers Poster


In this series of ads, artists from all walks of life talk about what they believe makes the perfect sneaker.

Trust The Process Poster

"Trust The Process" - 2018

In this short film, a writer's inner (Parisian) voice contemplates why they can't come up with a good idea after sitting down to write.

Just Be Friends Poster

"Just Be Friends" - 2018 🏆

In this short film, a barista discovers his ex-girlfriend is out with a new guy and sets off to exact his revenge.

Thank You Diego Poster

"Thank You Diego" - 2018

In this short documentary, a young man reflects on the first time he met his best friend while living in Puerto Rico and how their chance encounter would change his life.

RonaldoBasedGod Poster

"RonaldoBasedGod" - 2016-2018

In this webseries, a group of teenagers set out to uncover what really happened to their friend who was mysteriously murdered.


C-47 Film FestivalNevada Filmmaker Award (Presented by the Nevada Film Board)BRUTUS2024
C-47 Film FestivalBest TV PilotBRUTUS2024
DaVinci International Film FestivalOfficial SelectionBRUTUS2024
Dam Short Film FestivalOfficial SelectionBRUTUS2024
Another Hole in The Head Film FestivalOfficial SelectionBRUTUS2023
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF)Outstanding Technical Achievement: AnimationBRUTUS2023
Atlanta Comedy Fillm FestivalBest AnimationBRUTUS2023
South Carolina Underground Film Festival (SCUFF)Best AnimationBRUTUS2023
Vegas Movie AwardsBest AnimationBRUTUS2023
MyRodeCastTop-25 Most-Voted PodcastBoys Night2021
100 Cooks In The Kitchen Film FestivalLisa Buscani AwardFinal Lap2021
Kalakari International Film FestOfficial SelectionJust Be Friends2021
Vesuvius International Film FestivalFinalistJust Be Friends2021


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